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Click below for a typical RfB welcome pack
Welcome Pack
Membership Card
Discount Cards

Benefits of Membership

You will receive the RfB welcome pack which lists all of the discounts that are available to you as well as a selection of stickers and discount cards. You will also receive the RfB newsletters from Steve Sydenham and get free entry into the Member annual prize draw. This normally has items donated by Drivers , Teams and RfB members.

You will also have the knowledge that you are helping to assist Young British Motor Racing talent, which may eventually lead to an F1 or BTCC drive. RfB is a non-profit making organization.

Current discounts available are :

Avis (World-wide)
From 15% (20% UK) Car Hire
National Tyres & Autocare
From 5% Tyres/Batteries/Exhausts etc.(see gold card enclosed)
National Breakdown
10% discount plus no enrolment fee. Tel: 01532 393666
Sally Ferries
From 30% Ferry crossings from Ramsgate to Dunkirk & Ostend.
Orca Sport
up to 35% Ferry and Travel arrangements.

For Sally Ferries & Orca Sport discounts contact Andrew Spendiff @ Ocra Sport and Ref: RfB Tel: 0118-9685668

Jim Russell Racing School
10% Racing Courses / etc. Tel: 01332-811430
Knockhill Racing School
10% Racing Courses Tel: 01383-723337
Snetterton Racing School
10% Racing Courses Tel: 01953-87303
Cadwell Park Racing School
10% Racing Courses (Bikes) Tel: 01507-84248
From 10% Amsoil Products Contact: Chas Stafford Tel: 0181-892-0061
Duke Marketing
20% off Racing Videos Tel: 01624-623634
15% Ital Volanti Steering Wheels.Contact: Joe Wheeler Tel: 01908-216916
Fl News
10% Magazine Subscription. Contact: Georgina Shaw Tel: 01344-427846
Chequered Flag
10% Magazine Subscription. contact: Mark Venables Tel: 01462-483518
Motorsport Services
20% Admin. & Management ServicesContact: David Webster Tel: 0181-366-8378
BCR Network
10% Car Audio and Alarm Systems Contact: Wendy May Tel: 01462-893198
Anglia Autohomes
12.5% off Autohomes and caravan accessories. Tel: 01480-860211
Sebron Autostores
10%-40% subject to product (largest selection of British & Foreign spares) Contact: Steve Brown for catalogue Tel: 0181-4612345
Beach Court (Beadnell)
10% off holiday accommodation on beautiful Northumberland Coast Contact: Russ or Carole Field Tel: 01665-720225
Herbs of Grace
10% off all Health and Wholefoods. Contact : Alexandra Wood Tel: 01423-862351
lndy Entertain
10% off raceday hospitality packages. Contact: lsaac Martin Tel: 01625-420739
Fl Stores Ltd
5% off merchandise. Production of ID required.
MAD Photography
10% discount. Contact: Brain Davies Tel: 01536-760382
Poetry In Print
10% off personalised greetings cards, etc. Contact: Steve Sydenham Tel: 01803-555889
Tom Brown Racing School
10% Racing Courses Tel: 0141-6412553
Brands Hatch Racing School
10% Racing Courses. Tel. 01474-872331
Oulton Park Racing School
10% Racing Courses. Tel: 0182-921301
Ian Taylor Racing School
10% Racing Courses. Tel: 01264-773511
10% Rollcages Contact: Martin Short Tel: 01480-64052
Dymag Wheels
10% Wheels contact David Hunter Tel: 01249-655481
High Performance
10% Magazine sub, Contact : Mark Venables Tel: 01462-483518
Dienne Travel
4.5% Travel Contact : William Davies Tel: 0171-4995436
Grand Prix Contact Club
10% off Annual subs. Tel: 0181-777-4835
Redline 011
From 10% on all products. Tel: 01476-861195
Fl Pilots
10% (off road excitement) Nr. Louth, Lincs. Tel: 01472-210949

Additional Discounts for Corporate Members
Sally Ferries
30% Race Transporters, other large vehicles
lndy Entertain
10% off raceday "Hospitality Packages"
Brands Hatch Circuits Ltd.
10% Corporate Entertainment Days
Jim Russell Racing Drivers School
10% Corporate Track Days / Open Track Days
Peter Gethin Driving Courses
10% Promotional / incentive / Company Days
lan Taylor Motor Racing School
10% Corporate Track Days / Open Track Days

For The Corporate Discounts Please Contact Steve At RfB Who Will Then Arrange For Someone To Contact You.

Free Paddock Transfers at the following Circuits

Knockhill: All Meetings where a charge is normally levied.
Ingliston: All Meetings where a charge is normally levied.

N.B. It is actually possible not only to recoup your initial outlay, but if you wish to do so, you can make an enormous profit by using your membership wisely. For example, anyone considering a trip across the Channel would be mad not to take advantage of the very generous discount offered by Sally Ferries. Not only would you immediately recoup your outlay in one go, but would probably pay for next years membership as well, and several years after! Another example, should an individual member decide to take a racing course he/she would save up to 200 by claiming their discount, or up to 18.50 on an open day at a School. Corporate members likewise can save a huge amount of finance should they decide to undertake some form of Corporate entertainment day as listed. All of the discounts offered are genuine. They are offered by the Companies concerned in support of Racing for Britain. Whether you use them or not is of course entirely up to you, but remember, even certain ones that may appear to be local to certain areas often offer a mail order service, such as Anglia Autohomes and Sebron for example and may well prove to be worth a phone call.

Please also note that discounts may change when membership is renewed.